[TIP] FW: Nose run doesn not generate *cover files, so HTML generation fails

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We've found how to fix this problem: please find attached the file cover.py (from <nose-root>/nose/plugins and <nose-root>/build/lib/nose/plugins), where a generation of the coverage HTML report by "nose" just commented and replaced by a call to the coverage.html_report(...) method. This solved the problem. So, could you please include this patch into a next official release of the "nose"?


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Subject: Nose run doesn not generate *cover files, so HTML generation fails

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When I run Nose unit tests with the coverage arguments: "-with-coverage, --cover-erase, --cover-package,[...], --cover-inclusive, --cover-html", I have the following problem: if I specify a package name:  --cover-package,['mypackage'], then *cover files are not generated and this causes the HTML generation step to fail.

But if I specify any file name (existing in the project):  --cover-package,['myfile.py'], then Nose finds all unit tests in the project, generates all *cover files and the HTML report as well. The specified file ('myfile.py') could be chosen from any project package - anyway all tests run and report successfully.

Could you please advice? I use Python 2.7, Nose 0.1.11, PyMock, Coverage 3.4.win32-py2.7.

Thank you,

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