[TIP] State of nose?

meme dough memedough at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 03:30:21 PDT 2011


> Kumar McMillan is holding the pumpkin for the 1.1 release of nose,
> which is expected to be done as soon as we can work out some
> multiprocessing and build-related bugs.

Last time I hacked around the multiprocessing plugin it was not
joining with the child processes (or at least I think it wasn't).  I
wanted to enable nose-cov to work with multiprocessing, which it can
do easily as long as the parent process waits for the child processes
to finish up then it can merge all coverage data.

I also remember Arve hacking up the built in cover plugin and
multiprocessing plugin to work together.  Did any of that work make it
back into nose?

> But the plugins branch of unittest2 (at least where I have been
> pulling from, http://hg.python.org/unittest2/) hasn't been updated in
> a while and I don't know what the state or plans are for that, so I'm
> not sure exactly what's going to happen with nose2. Last I recall,
> Michael was working on a major refactoring of how hooks work, and I've
> been waiting for that to land to do any more work on nose2.

Also waiting on the plugins branch for my unittest2-cov ;-)

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