[TIP] Apparently spurious warning with Tox 1.1

Alexander Steinert sputnik at termo.net
Mon Jul 11 22:08:46 PDT 2011

Michael Foord, Tue 2011-07-12 00:08 CEST:
> On 11/07/2011 22:25, Michael Foord wrote:
> >Hey all,
> >
> >I've updated to tox 1.1 (for testing mock). It looks like the
> >problems I had with 1.0 are now solved and it works with both
> >Python 3.2 and pypy.
> >
> >However I'm now getting a warning that seems incorrect. It reports
> >that "unit2" has not been installed in the testenv. But it has and
> >the command works:
> >
> Note that this still happens if I blow away .tox and rerun.
> >[TOX] WARNING:using
> >'/Users/michael/Dev/Packages/mock/.tox/py24/bin/unit2' not
> >installed in testenv:
> >  /Users/michael/Dev/Packages/mock/.tox/py24
> >Forgot to specify a dependency?

I experienced the same when I used "{envpython}" instead of plain
"python" in a commands value of a tox.ini section. I believe that the
implementation cannot detect the absolute path to the executable as
being located in the env dir.


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