[TIP] tox: force sdist installation

Alexander Steinert sputnik at termo.net
Mon Jul 4 06:32:06 PDT 2011

Dear list,

tox doesn't install my sdist if it has been installed by a previous tox run and
its version doesn't increase. Is there a way to let tox call pip install with
--upgrade or --ignore-installed only for the sdist to be used, not for the

I experienced the mentioned behaviour when I called sphinx-build via tox (see
tox.ini section below, Sphinx' conf.py is in doc/ !). Sphinx imports my package
from the installed sdist. That is nice. However, the generated docs won't
reflect my latest changes until I delete the virtual environment or uninstall
the installed sdist.


basepython = python2.6
commands =
    sphinx-build -c doc -W -b html [] . doc/_build/html
deps =

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