[TIP] Dynamic vs defined dependency installation using pip.

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Hey Jason-

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 8:53 PM, AWeber - Jason Schadel
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> I recently started using pip, virtualenv and hudson to continuously
> integrate some python packages.  I'm utilizing the requirement file feature
> of pip to define the requirements of the package contained in our svn repos
> that need installed in the virtualenv.  Some see it as a hassle to define
> all the requirements for a particular package and would rather have pip be
> able to dynamically determine what packages are needed based on the other
> pip requirement files in the other packages.
> I agree with the recommendation of the pip docs of listing all the bindings
> but wanted to get the opinion of the Python Testing community on whether
> using a defined list of dependencies is better than a dynamically created
> list  when testing.
I guess this depends on on what you are trying to achieve and your trust in
dependent packages not changing under your feet.  In general you can not
trust dynamic packages (been bit by maven/pip/easy_install on this too many

On the other hand if you are trying to make sure that your code works with
the latest and greatest of any dependent package, this might be waters that
you need to venture into.

Good luck,

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