[TIP] PyCon 2011 TiP Open Space

Paul Hildebrandt Paul.Hildebrandt at disneyanimation.com
Mon Jan 17 11:17:26 PST 2011

Relocating takes time better spent other ways.   I can go the sponsor 
route of getting a room.  Van has asked if he could help.   I will 
contact him once we come to a decision of what we need.   If anyone has 
a recommendation for rooms that would be appreciated.  I am thinking one 
like last year but double the size.  Thoughts?   I am conflicted though 
because if we get a ballroom I am worried that it would be so large it 
would diminish the small feel of it.  Maybe that's life.    What night 
do we want to do it?


On 1/17/11 10:10 AM, Pete wrote:
> Yeah, we should do a Testing BoF - why not? As for preplanning/space/attendance, throw up a card and see who shows up, just like every Open Space session.  You're not going to get a ballroom reserved for a BoF - if over 9000 people show up and we need more space, we can relocate and take over whatever free space is available, including ballrooms or lobbies or hallways.
> --Pete
> On Jan 17, 2011, at 9:39 AM, Terry Peppers wrote:
>> And so it begins ...
>> Well, PyCon is a couple of months away so I figure now is the time to
>> start thinking about how we want to do the Testing in Python Open
>> Space. I'm pretty conflicted on this whole thing, 2009 for those of
>> you who were there was small, concentrated. 2010, on the other hand,
>> was triple the size and expansive.
>> So here were are for 2011, and what do do. Really, the one thing that
>> I'm most concerned about is (1) turnout and (2) space. I think it
>> would be dumb to assume that we'll have as crazy turnout as we had in
>> 2010, but then again word gets around and really who doesn't like
>> seeing Titus mock every presenter? The second item is space, we can
>> take over rooms again downstairs in the conference center, I bet we
>> could ask the hotel to remove one of the walls to double the size of
>> the room that we were in last year. People did kick around the idea of
>> using a ballroom, but I don't know the logistics of that besides
>> asking Jesse Noller or Van Lindberg about how to make that happen.
>> Consider this an open thread on what you'd like to see for 2011 TiP
>> and what should be improved.
>> - t.

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