[TIP] PyCon 2011 TiP Open Space

Terry Peppers peppers at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 09:39:14 PST 2011

And so it begins ...

Well, PyCon is a couple of months away so I figure now is the time to
start thinking about how we want to do the Testing in Python Open
Space. I'm pretty conflicted on this whole thing, 2009 for those of
you who were there was small, concentrated. 2010, on the other hand,
was triple the size and expansive.

So here were are for 2011, and what do do. Really, the one thing that
I'm most concerned about is (1) turnout and (2) space. I think it
would be dumb to assume that we'll have as crazy turnout as we had in
2010, but then again word gets around and really who doesn't like
seeing Titus mock every presenter? The second item is space, we can
take over rooms again downstairs in the conference center, I bet we
could ask the hotel to remove one of the walls to double the size of
the room that we were in last year. People did kick around the idea of
using a ballroom, but I don't know the logistics of that besides
asking Jesse Noller or Van Lindberg about how to make that happen.

Consider this an open thread on what you'd like to see for 2011 TiP
and what should be improved.

- t.

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