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Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Fri Jan 14 18:59:25 PST 2011

"C. Titus Brown" <ctb at msu.edu> writes:

> So, I'm sure you can appreciate the rich history of this discussion,
> and I hope that agree -- whatever your side -- that there is no really
> *right* configuration option.

The disagreements will no doubt continue. But the arguments in favour of
munging ‘reply-to’ have lost pretty much all force of fact, and are now
relegated to preferences strongly held; and the counter-arguments against


This forum, by leaving ‘reply-to’ for the intended purpose, and by
providing the widely-implemented RFC 2369 fields to direct discussion
back to the mailing list as appropriate, does the right thing by

> and plead for your forbearance on, if not your understanding of, my
> configuration choice.

Thanks again for maintaining a sane discussion forum.

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