[TIP] loading test data into frameworks

Phlip phlip2005 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 11:08:02 PST 2011

>>> [ please set  the reply-to to testing-in-python@ !]
>> This is for the list manager. Some might just say "stop being lazy" ;-)
> +1 (I can hear Titus grumble)

email is dying anyway...

> "fixture" is an overloaded term in the testing world (hearing Titus
> grumble again)

Fixture originally meant a prefabricated environment supplied to a
test case. Behavior, not data. (Raw test-side data was a "resource".)

Because models are behavior+data, they squeak by that definition.

> yep, I don't even use it anymore because the kind folks at Django have
> spent a lot of their precious time optimizing the bajezus out of
> Django's own fixture loading system.  It is lightning fast.

Now they tell me. @-/

Sorry, can't maintain anything. I'm in career-survival mode these
days; only ONE project at hand! No productizing for the sake of


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