[TIP] ANN: oejskit 0.9.0 JavaScript in-browser testing, now with py.test 2.0 support

Samuele Pedroni samuele.pedroni at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 12:10:29 PST 2011

Hi, I'm happy to announce a new release of OE jskit 0.9.0, just pushed
to PyPI. Main highlights:

- *py.test 2.0 is now supported!* py.test 1.x still works as well

- reusing one page (tab/window) for all tests using the same setup in
 a session is now the default, this is enforced when using py.test
 2.0 which collects all tests first

- to make the one test page more functional, jskit displays during the
 test run a list of links on the upper right corner of the pages to
 easily jump to specific outcome section for a JavaScript test files
 or python module with JavaScript tests.

About OE jskit:

jskit contains infrastructure and in particular a py.test plugin to
enable running unit tests for JavaScript code inside browsers.  It
contains also glue code to run JavaScript tests from unittest.py based
test suites.

The approach also enables to write integration tests such that the
JavaScript code is tested against server-side Python code mocked as
necessary. Any server-side framework that can already be exposed
through WSGI can play.

The plugin works with py.test 2.0 or late py.test 1.x.

More information and downloading at:


jskit was initially developed by Open End AB and is released under the
MIT license.

Samuele Pedroni

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