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Fri Jan 7 06:47:02 PST 2011

Hi Michael, Hi Alex,

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 18:00 +0000, Michael Foord wrote:
> On 17/12/2010 17:28, Alex Gaynor wrote:
>> Fellow Testers,
>> I spent a bit of time this morning setting up tox for one of my  
>> projects, django-taggit (https://github.com/alex/django-taggit).  It's  
>> awesome, in addition to testing with multiples pythons it's easy to  
>> test multiple versions of Django by creating custom testenvs and  
>> altering the deps.  However, it's rather verbose: most of the items:  
>> https://github.com/alex/django-taggit/blob/master/tox.ini are  
>> copy-pastes of one another.  I'm wondering whether there isn't  
>> something that could be done to simplify this, some way to take the  
>> set of base envs (py25, py26, etc.) and parameterize them along some  
>> axis, such as deps.  I don't have a specific syntax proposal, but I'm  
>> curious if anyone else does.
> +1
> Setting up tox is not hard, so props to Holger for that, but when you  
> are configuring multiple interpreters there is a lot of repetition.

I'd be grateful for some more real-life tox.ini file examples with repetition like
the one Alex posted to consider implementing some config format for specifying
variants less verbosely. One idea might beallow defining defaults for
[testenv:NAME1] such that


etc. would use the extended defaults. Alex's tox.ini would
considerably simplify to something like this:

    envlist =
        py24, py25, py26, py27, pypy, py24:alpha1, py25:alpha1, py26:alpha1,
        py27:alpha1, pypy:alpha1, docs

    commands = python setup.py test
    deps = django==1.2.3  

    deps = http://www.djangoproject.com/download/1.3-alpha-1/tarball/

    changedir = docs
    deps =
    commands =
        sphinx-build -W -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees . {envtmpdir}/html
        sphinx-build -W -b linkcheck -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees . {envtmpdir}/linkcheck

makes sense to you?


> All the best,
> Michael Foord
>> Alex
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