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> Dear All,
> I am newbie to testing in python and also newbie to testing our code.
> Can any one suggest me any link / book to start work (study) the
> testing in python as beginner of testing...
> When I google, it gives me a few links about Unittest in python.
> http://docs.python.org/release/3.1.3/library/unittest.html
> Is the above link is sufficient to start and implement the unittest
> for my code . . .
> Any suggestions are welcome to learn more about testing in python.

Testing in Python is no different than what you do in any other language , i
have been lying dormant here too ;-) , could not resist answering your

As you have suggested you have started with unittest ,also i do not know
what kind of code you have does it have C in it ..to get an overall overview
about what testing is all about refer to this link

check this out too once you get your basic fundementals clear you can start
with this list too http://pycheesecake.org/wiki/PythonTestingToolsTaxonomy

will talk to you tomorrow in our meetup .

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