[TIP] why do you use py.test?

Herman Sheremetyev herman at swebpage.com
Mon Feb 14 17:12:56 PST 2011

Hey everyone,

I've seen a lot of messages on this list of people mentioning they use
py.test, so I'm curious what advantages it offers. I gave it a try and
immediately noticed it was literally 10x slower than nose, taking 0.60
seconds to run the same set of tests it takes nose 0.062. As a result
I pretty much wrote it off since test speed is pretty important to me,
and all the red in my terminal seemed a bit unnecessary. But as I see
people continuously mention it I wonder if I missed something about
py.test's functionality that could be really useful and offset the
speed problems.

So, what are your reasons for using py.test (or some other test runner) ? :)


P.S. I know people tend to get sensitive about their tools, so I don't
want to start a flame war, just genuinely curious why people are using
this particular one..

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