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Alfredo Deza alfredodeza at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 10:34:24 PST 2011

For the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about RSpec and why there
is no clear, definite answer when
someone asks:

 "I'm looking for a Python equivalent of RSpec. Where can I find such a

Probably the most common (and understandable) answer is that Python syntax
wouldn't allow such a thing
whereas in Ruby it is possible.

Ok, if that is so, then why there are so many projects (most of them already
un-maintained) that try to give
some RSpec features to Python?

There is Pinocchio written in part by Titus (last commit was in 2009), there
is a spec runner that Gary wrote, there is also
pyspec (last version from 2008) and a couple of others. I know there is
"lettuce" which tries to emulate Ruby's Cucumber
but that is not exactly RSpec.

So are we running away from RSpec just because we can't implement it in
Python? (or maybe we do want to implement it
and then we fail?).

This more of an open question I guess, but why there isn't a project in
Python that grabs the best features from RSpec
and implements them?

Isn't that how we came about UnitTesting? (e.g. "hey that's JUnit and seems
good let's implement that in Python")

Not trying to start a flamewar here, but I guess at some level it is healthy
to ask these kind of questions, specially since
a lot of the guys in this list are so important for the Python testing
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