[TIP] Mock 0.8.0b4: easy_install and pip treat differently...

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 15:42:08 PST 2011

On 20/12/2011 20:29, Carl Meyer wrote:
> Pip does not prefer "released packages" to beta releases; it has no
> algorithm for telling the difference. What's happening here is that
> mock's download page includes this link:
> http://www.voidspace.org.uk/downloads/mock-0.8.0beta4.tar.gz#egg=mock-dev
> The sdist filename here claims that this is mock version 0.8.0beta4, but
> the #egg fragment claims that it is mock version "dev". It seems that
> easy_install gives the filename preference, whereas pip gives preference
> to the explicit fragment.
> You can get pip to install this version by requesting "mock==dev".
> If Michael makes available another link to that tarball without the egg
> fragment, pip would be able to find it as "0.8.0beta4" - this would also
> have the effect that it would be considered the latest version available
> and thus installed by default (like easy_install does), which may not be
> what he wants.

Well, I guess my preferences, in order, would be:

- release Mock 0.8.0, it's awesome, what's stopping a full release? ;-)

- drop the #egg=mock-dev fragment

- provide two links, one with the fragment, one without

Michael, anything I can do to help?



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