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Chris Wesseling Chris.Wesseling at cwi.nl
Tue Aug 30 14:40:23 PDT 2011

On 2011-08-30T22:06:09+0200, Geoff Bache wrote:
> Hi all,
> Time for a new thread on this one. Following the discussion there I've
> edited the GUI testing tools section and separated it into a
> maintained and unmaintained section. The first section requires decent
> documentation and indication of activity (i.e. commits or releases) in
> the past two years. The latter has last activity dates and an
> indication of documentation level. Only 4 tools made it into the first
> one (out of 11), but I included Mark's pywinauto as the best
> Windows-based candidate.
> Please give me feedback on any errors I may have made, and let me know
> if this is a good model to apply to the other sections.

I don't know about the activity. Seems OK at first glance, but it's just
a date.

What's really nice for deciding on which tool to try is a side by side
comparison like http://garybernhardt.github.com/python-mock-comparison/

And given it's a doctest, it might even be feasible to check in a
buildbot/Jenkins/[other ci] setup.

> Also, can we possibly take down the other two copies of this and/or
> replace them with links to the wiki? (That's the original Cheesecake
> one and Michael's half-done one). If I google it the new version is
> the third hit of the three currently...

Being new to the TIP-list, it took me a while to know that you're
talking about


So +1 for such links.

A: No.
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