[TIP] PythonTestingToolsTaxonomy: link to Selenium bindings for Python

Mark Sienkiewicz sienkiew at stsci.edu
Wed Aug 24 07:28:12 PDT 2011

Laura Creighton wrote:
> I don't want things that appear to be unmaintained to be deleted.
> I'm pretty hostile to the notion that somehting needs to have
> active development in order to be useful, and I think that is
> what you would be detecting.

I agree, but there is still useful information to be had.  A 
categorization that comes to mind is:

complete + NO active development:  This is what I am looking for.  A 
tool that works.

complete + active development: This is also what I am looking for.  A 
tool that works, but may get better.

NOT complete + active development:  Maybe worth contributing to; maybe 
worth checking back later.

NOT complete + NO active development:  Probably abandoned and probably 
not worth looking at.  I very rarely find an abandoned project that is 
worth anything to me. 

> Links to source code, even if that is all that is there, is useful for
> people who want to develop something and want to check how other
> people have already done it.

The problem is not "source code: yes", but "documentation: no".  So, 
another categorization:

- documentation: good.  I can see what it does.

- NO documentation:  I'm not even sure what it does... is it worth 
spending any time figuring it out?

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