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Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Tue Aug 23 18:24:31 PDT 2011


>I'm happy to spend some time cleaning this up, but I thought we should
>discuss how this should be done. For example, what should happen to
>stuff that appears to be unmaintained? A separate section at the
>bottom somewhere, or just delete it? And do we really want links that
>are just source code and nothing more?

I don't want things that appear to be unmaintained to be deleted.
I'm pretty hostile to the notion that somehting needs to have
active development in order to be useful, and I think that is
what you would be detecting.  Some things may not have changed
since 2004 because nothing needed changing since 2004 -- plugins
in particular.

Links to source code, even if that is all that is there, is useful for
people who want to develop something and want to check how other
people have already done it.  Sometimes an old project can get new
maintainers this way, when somebody discovers that it is easier to
work with something that already exists than to start all over from

But separating things out so that people can easily find
the packages that are under development sounds reasonable.  It 
would be very good, at this point, to also include a note about
how stable the apis are.  Some projects are under _too_ active
development for general use at this point, and people will
be quite annoyed when they find that the apis and/or the 
behaviour changes with every release.


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