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Sarvi Shanmgham sarvi at cisco.com
Fri Sep 24 09:15:27 PDT 2010

    My problem space is to test emedded systems.
Or standlone processes on Virtual Machine.
In general entities that have well defined external interfaces that I want
to exercises.

Python is my language of choice, ofourse.
Its good as a general purpose language and has a lot of design patterns and
idioms that allow for simple, compact and readable writing of general
But I am not sure how they apply for testing design patterns.

I¹ve been looking for good design patterns in python for testing.

So far as I have seen TTCN-3, explained below has some very good design
patterns for testing scenarios

TTCN-3 - A new Test Specification Language for Black-Box Testing

What is the best way to write these things in python.
Is there python framework/library that enhances the experience.

Some thinks in TTCN-3 that I like is
1. The ³ALT² behaviour. Section 9 above has some variations
2. Template Matching as in 4.3

Another way asking the question is, What would be the best
way/design-pattern to write the following test case in python


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