[TIP] display source code in cobertura

Ralph Heinkel ralph.heinkel at web.de
Tue Sep 14 02:49:12 PDT 2010

Hi everybody,

first of all: Many thanks to Ned for the great coverage.py tool. It's
just doing an excellent job.

Now we are trying to include the coverage report into hudson via
cobertura. It basically works, just the source code of our python
modules cannot be seen.

Source code is unavailable. Some possible reasons are:
      * This is not the most recent build (to save on disk space, this
plugin only keeps the most recent builds source code).
      * Cobertura found the source code but did not provide enough
information to locate the source code.
      * Cobertura could not find the source code, so this plugin has no
hope of finding it.

I'm running the latest cobertura (v 1.0) and the latest coverage.py
version. Also cobertura shows the (absolute) full path to my python
modules (and they are also contained in the coverage.xml file), so I
do not really understand what the problem is with reading them. All
files are within the hudson workspace, so file permission should not
be a problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ciao ciao


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