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Fri Oct 29 01:15:06 PDT 2010

"Testify provides:

  * PEP8 naming conventions. No more setUp()
  * Less java-like dependencies on class methods for things like
assertions. Down with self.assertEqual()
  * Enhanced test fixture setup. Multiple setup/teardown methods.
Class and module level fixtures.
  * Test discovery
  * Flexible, decorator based suite system.
  * Fancy color test runner with lots of logging / reporting options
(JSON anyone?)
  * Split test suites into buckets for easy parallelization
  * Built-in utilities for common operations like building mocks,
profiling, and measuring code coverage.
  * Plugin system for hooking in whatever extra features you like.
  * Mostly backwards compatible with unittest test cases.
  * A cool name."

You can get it on github:
Or of course just easy_install testify

Comments or suggestions would be very welcome.


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