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Thu May 27 03:01:00 PDT 2010

Hello Everybody,

My name is Mouad and i have been accepted to be part of the GSOC this year
and my work will be about creating a PYPI Testing Infrastructure (PYTI).

the main goal of this project is to test packages uploaded to PYPI.

the workflow :

1- so every time a package get uploaded to PYPI, the PYTI get a notification
using the pubsubhubbub something

2- a module that i called Packager will read the feed extract the
information about the new package store the information in the database ,
and dowload the new package in the server.

3- the core of the system is running pony-build, it will get a notification
from the Packager module that a new package is ready to be tested so that
the testing will started

4- for testing i will use pony-build with EC2 machines that run different
OS, right now pony-build don't have a EC2 interface so u should add it
basing on boto project

5- after the testing is finish a report is generated and will be stored on
the database.

6- a Web interface will display the report of the package so that the
proprietor of the package can login and see it

For the plan :
- I will start by the web interface i called GUI, the tickets are already
been writed ,in the end of this user story the GUI will be just a prototype
so that i can work on the core of the project witch mean the pony-build .
- After that i will continue with the pony-build i have to add an EC2
interface , and a more efficient database layer and maybe some other thing
- Next it will be about extending the GUI and adding some other
- and Finally i will set up the Packager module that will get update from
pypi and download packages for testing .

and if i have some time left i will add an interface with the Packager
module so that developers can run there testing without having to pass by

I already started working on it , and i need the community feedback and any
idea is very welcome , the project is hosted on this link :

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