[TIP] pytest-xdist 1.2: distributed testing getting stable

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed May 5 12:53:18 PDT 2010

pytest-xdist 1.2 brings bug fixes and improved stability for distributed testing
with py.test.  This plugin allows to ad-hoc distribute test runs to multiple
CPUs, different Python interpreters or remote machines.   It requires setuptools
or distribute which help to pull in the neccessary execnet and pytest-core

See here for extensive docs: http://pytest.org/plugin/xdist.html 



- fix issue79: sessionfinish/teardown hooks are now called systematically
  on the slave side
- introduce a new data input/output mechanism to allow the master side
  to send and receive data from a slave.
- fix race condition in underlying pickling/unpickling handling
- use and require new register hooks facility of py.test>=1.3.0
- require improved execnet>=1.0.6 because of various race conditions
  that can arise in xdist testing modes.
- fix some python3 related pickling related race conditions
- fix PyPI description

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