[TIP] Idea for GSOC : a test infrastructure for PyPI

Tarek Ziadé ziade.tarek at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 08:14:35 PDT 2010


That's an idea I have in mind since a year or so, but never found the
time to realize it. A recent blog entry from Srid makes me think I am
not the only one wanting this.

So: let's create a PyPI test infrastructure in the cloud, that will
validate the project uploaded at PyPI.

PyPI has recently gained a PubSubHubHub interface we can use to
trigger events when a new package is uploaded. The work consists of
creating a series of scripts that knows how to start a VM in an
environment like EC2, shut down the network so there's no security
issues, then perform a series of actions (likely, distutils commands
like 'install').

Last a rollback on the VM is done so its not compromised by the
commands, and a report is sent back. The results could contain also a
list of the files that where modified, using probe tools like
SystemTap (under linux). The VMs would be first Linux, and then we
would add Windows VMs.

Once this system is done, the student could work on a website where
PyPI users could register so they get the reports by e-mails. The site
could also display the reports.

Last, we could ask for the PSF to pay for the EC2 costs (and for the
fxed server that hosts the website and triggers VMs),  If you think
this is a good idea, I can add this topic on the GSOC page and I am
willing to mentor it.


Tarek Ziadé | http://ziade.org

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