[TIP] tox-0.8 and py.test-1.3.3 released

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Fri Jul 30 17:22:04 PDT 2010


just did a two test tool releases, one for tox and one for py.test. 

The tox-0.8 release provides fixes and workarounds, see changelog below. 
The py-1.3.3 release mainly provides fixes for terminal output. 

best & thanks to the respective feedbackers/helpers,

What is tox? 

Tox is a generic test runner, creating virtualenv environments
on the fly and executing your test tool of choice.  It works
conveniently from a developer's terminal as well as from
a Continous Integration Server. See


What is py.test? 

py.test is an easy-to-learn testing tool with many plugins
and features for integration and functional tests in Python. See


for more info. 

CHANGES tox-0.8

- work around a virtualenv limitation which crashes if
- run pip/easy installs from the environment log directory, avoids
  naming clashes between env names and dependencies (thanks ronny)
- require a more recent version of py lib
- refactor and refine config detection to work from a single file
  and to detect the case where a python installation overwrote
  an old one and resulted in a new executable. This invalidates
  the existing virtualenvironment now.
- change all internal source to strip trailing whitespaces

Changes py-1.3.3

- fix issue113: assertion representation problem with triple-quoted strings
  (and possibly other cases)
- make conftest loading detect that a conftest file with the same
  content was already loaded, avoids surprises in nested directory structures
  which can be produced e.g. by Hudson. It probably removes the need to use
  --confcutdir in most cases.
- fix terminal coloring for win32
  (thanks Michael Foord for reporting)
- fix weirdness: make terminal width detection work on stdout instead of stdin
  (thanks Armin Ronacher for reporting)
- remove trailing whitespace in all py/text distribution files

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