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Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Mon Jul 26 08:26:35 PDT 2010

On 26/07/2010 16:22, jason pellerin wrote:
>> So you want plugins to have the ability to *change* the exception that is
>> raised? It shouldn't be very hard to modify onTestFail to do this - perhaps
>> a .exception attribute on the event.
> Ideally I want plugins to be able to completely handle an exception,
> in the same way that the test result does. Everything from outputting
> a dot marker (like s or E or F or whatever they want) during testing
> and an error list at the end to determining whether seeing that
> exception means the test has failed. I want not so much to change the
> exception that is raised, but to change how it is handled. So, less
> "see an IOError, raise a SkipTest" but more "treat an IOError like a
> SkipTest".
> Maybe it will be more clear if I explain that I mean "treat as skip"
> not in the sense of "raise a SkipTest" but of "do the same general
> things that the result does with a skip: output a different dot, do
> not fail the test".

In general that can already be done. Use the events to *completely* 
handle the reporting and ignore the test result. Use a test runner that 
doesn't output anything and do the test reporting based on the events. 
In other words I would like to deprecate the test result altogether 

The events already there should give you *all* the information you need 
to do this. testStart and testStop events should tell you everything you 
need to know about successes and failures. Is there any information missing?

All the best,


>> If this is set to None the exception is not reraised and the test becomes a
>> pass. If it is changed to a *different* exception, which could include
>> SkipTest of course, then this will be raised instead.
>> Would this work for you?
> Almost. That would allow some special handling of exceptions, but
> without feedback to the user about what happened.
> JP


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