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> >> I agree that stable ordering is valuable for replicating test failures. 
> >> Both file-position and alphabetical orderings are stable.    
> >
> > Yes.  There are good arguments in favor of each too.  There is also a  
> > good argument for the ability to choose a random order, as long as you  
> > can get exactly the same random order again when you want it.
> yip, was discussed some time ago on this list IIRC. 

I was never able to get test order randomization to work using nose based on the previous thread on this list.  Are there other test order randomization techniques that could be used with nose?  

Alternately, I'm willing to use another test discovery tool if there are other test runners which will find my tests, run them, report their results in xunit format, and randomize test order.

Mark Waite

> cheers,
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