[TIP] Defining a convention for running tests, #2

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Feb 27 12:24:07 PST 2010

On 27/02/2010 20:13, C. Titus Brown wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've updated the README for my SomePackage example code,
>    http://github.com/ctb/SomePackage/blob/master/README.txt
> but I updated things only at the bottom of the page without integrating
> them into the example code.  I need to put some time into investigating the
> issues that came up on the previous thread, write some working code (!), bounce
> it off a few people (Michael Foord, Robert Collins, and Tarek Ziade -- anyone
> else?) and then I'll revisit the issue on the list.
> Code contributions welcome :)
> cheers,
> --titus
> p.s. Heck, maybe we can get some unittest2 documentation updates in at the same
> time, since Michael seems to think it solves everything. :)
Once code improvements to unittest/untitest2 are complete (before the 
Python 2.7 beta deadline), revamping the unittest docs is a big goal of 
mine. They are currently awful. Thankfully this isn't a huge task.

Despite the horrendous length of the preceding thread I think we 
hammered out a lot. I understand your goals Titus, my only concern is 
that if we are going to recommend a package tests layout and at the same 
time implement a "setup.py test" command for distutils2 (for standard 
library inclusion) then they should be compatible. If "setup.py test" 
uses test discovery (which I think it should) then that *isn't* going to 
be useful for Python 2.4-2.6 *unless* unittest2 is available. This is 
the crux of the problem as I see it.



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