[TIP] Guidelines for where to put tests & how to package them

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Sat Feb 27 11:52:45 PST 2010

On 27/02/2010 19:48, C. Titus Brown wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 07:37:54PM +0000, Michael Foord wrote:
>> On 27/02/2010 19:32, C. Titus Brown wrote:
>>> So where our goals differ is that you want to define a new convention
>>> going forward (2.7+, 3.3+) and I want to document some convention that's
>>> "good enough"&   backwards compatible to 2.4.
>> I will strongly argue, and suspect Tarek will agree, that the
>> recommended practise for Python 2.4+ users is to use distutils2. That
>> way they can use the conventions that will just-work (tm) in future
>> versions of Python. distutils2 and unittest2 are both maintaining
>> compatibility with Python 2.4 specifically so they can be used in this
>> way.
> Humm, why isn't this style of test running:
>    % python -m somepackage.tests.run
> a good solution that removes the need for using distutils2 for 2.4+ users?

Because there are all sorts of good changes to packaging coming in 
distutils2 for users of Python 2.4+ (kind of the point of it existing), 
a standard test command being just one of them.

> We should put something in the Hitchhiker's Guide to Packaging, which is
> for 2.4+.  So far Tarek has avoided putting in "just use distutils2";
Because the guide was started a while back and distutils2 only sprang 
into existence after the language summit.

>   I doubt
> that's going to change because the testing community wants it to, and I
> think it'd be a bad idea anyway.

It won't just be for testing, all the 
new-goodness-packaging-infrastructure is going to depend on distutils2.



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