[TIP] unittest2/nose2: plugin interaction or overrides or ... ?

jason pellerin jpellerin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 06:29:12 PDT 2010

Next up on my nose2 compatibility checklist is squeezing nose's
support for implicit generator tests and for more names for test
functions' fixtures (setup and teardown in addition to setUp and
tearDown for instance) into nose2. unittest2's moduleloading plugin is
about 90% there, but I think it will be important for nose2 uptake to
avoid making people rename 1,000 setup functions and/or tag 1,000
generator tests manually in pre-existing test suites. So I'm trying to
figure out what is the best way to interact with moduleloading from
another plugin.

Right now I can see 2 solutions: I can force my plugin to run first so
that it has a chance to load test objects and change or add the
attributes that moduleloading is looking for. Or I can subclass some
of the moduleloading plugins, force moduleloading not to load, and
load my plugin instead.

Neither of those seems like something I actually want to do, though.
So I'm trolling for better ideas. Got any?


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