[TIP] Automated Test Framework in python

Amit Uttamchandani amit.uttam at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 12:11:09 PDT 2010


I've been reading the list archives and found some very interesting
ideas and concepts. However, one question that still has not been
answered fully is that "Is there any test framework to manage test

The test scripts I am talking about can vary quite a bit, although to be
fair on the framework most of it is in python:

 1. Python scripts
  - tests uploading of firmware via FTP, make sure firmware is loaded.
  - tests various SNMP get/sets
 2. TCL scripts
  - Communicate with IXIA packet gen to generate packets. Expected
    results include number of packets sent/received/filtered out, etc.

So the framework ideally should be able to "manage" all these scripts
and report fails/pass, etc.

So this is testing not for unit tests of the software but the actual
final integrated product.

The answers I've gathered:

 1. Unittest with custom modules
 2. Robot framework

Any other ideas? Am I asking too much of the framework?


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