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Wed Aug 11 11:20:22 PDT 2010

For all those interested in this subject ( Test Case Manager ), that
was recently mentioned here at TiP ML , here you have fresh news


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From: Roberto Longobardi <seccanj at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 8:42 AM
Subject: [Trac] New plugins: a true Test Case Manager and a Resource
planning and reservation
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just to let you know I have uploaded a couple of new plugins on the
trac-hacks site that I developed for my trac users.

The first is a true test case manager plugin, since I couldn't find
anything suitable before, and my users wanted to have test case
management and bug tracking integrated in the same place:

The second one is a simple plugin to allow for planning and reserving
the future use of resources on a time schedule. We are using it to
reserve consumable test data (employees in our test database that once
"tested" cannot be used anymore since the test changes their data),
but it could be used as well to plan and coordinate the use of test
machines, for example.
Here is the page on trac-hacks:

Both are currently only tested on Trac 0.11 and python 2.5.

Feedback and bugs/requests for features are both really appreciated,



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