[TIP] including tests in packages, or not

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 19:48:16 PDT 2009

On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 7:35 PM, C. Titus Brown <ctb at msu.edu> wrote:
> I plan to get it working with
>        python -m tagnabbit.tests
> which seems nice and simply (especially if I can get it reporting back
> to my CI server, heh).

As a suggestion, if you set that up do make it ask for user
confirmation before sending anything.  People get (understandably)
antsy with 'phone home' codes, even if they are open source.  But
otherwise it's a great idea.

Now that you mention it, I think it would be great to have in the test
machinery an optional function to send a nicely pickled,
information-rich test report back to the server:

import foo;foo.send_test_report()

With a server listening on the other end that could automatically load
 and display on a webpage entries for test reports as they arrive,
this would be a great way to get 'human buildbots'.  Basically I think
a buildbot machinery is great to have, but this complementary to fully
automatic, always-on buildbots.  It's just a way of getting a user to
have a no-brainer, one-line way of contributing back test information.

Given enough cpu/system data, this could also allow for the
aggregation of some performance data in the long run (noisy, but
useful...) that could help spot regressions, etc.

Mmhhh.  Note to self: do NOT start to do any of this.  You have work to do.



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