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Ben Finney ben+python at benfinney.id.au
Thu Nov 19 18:24:21 PST 2009

Ned Batchelder <ned at nedbatchelder.com> writes:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > Someone needs to teach Ned how to collaborate using Mercurial and
> > Bitbucket, I think.
> >
> > Cloning […] will only work if Ned gets some learnin' from
> > someone.

> There are many things I don't know about hg and BB, and I would be
> glad to learn.  Chiding is all well and good, but teaching is more
> effective!

Oh, please don't misunderstand me: there was no chiding intended!

Rather, I'm merely (perhaps rudely) “outing” you as someone who has some
learning still to be done when it comes to collaboration via distributed
VCS, not to chide you, but pointing out that those with an interest in
collaborating with you have the incentive to get you that learnin' as
soon and as effectively as possible.

Mercurial is not my choice of VCS, and I don't do much collaboration via
Bitbucket; what I know about Mercurial I have learned by trying to treat
it like Bazaar. (Which often works well enough that I don't delve too
deeply.) So whoever it is that teaches you should probably not be me.

So, more explicitly this time: Could someone who knows about Mercurial
and Bitbucket please step forward to teach Ned (or direct him to a good
focussed tutorial) how to use both effectively as a collaboration tool

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