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Hi Brian, 

can't answer your specific question but are you aware that
there are active and helpful nose-users and nose-developers
google group mailing lists?


On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 12:52 -0400, Brian Beck wrote:
> Hi list,
> A couple questions.  I tried searching for this first one with no
> luck, so I apologize if this comes up often:
> - I can't get Nose 0.11.1 to play well with unittest.TestSuite
> instances, both in discovery and in running.  If I do this:
> test_suite = TestSuite()
> test_suite.addTests(...generate some sequence of TestCases...)
> ...then I find it odd that Nose doesn't discover that TestSuite
> instance.  If I do this:
> def test_suite():
>     suite = TestSuite()
>     suite.addTests(...generate some sequence of TestCases...)
>     return suite
> ...then Nose will discover and run the "suite", but really just
> considers it a single test, instead of my expected behavior of
> reporting on all tests in the suite.
> My second question reveals why I want to use a TestSuite and generate
> TestCase instances.  I'm writing helpers for running the Data Access
> Working Group's SPARQL test suite [1].  The test suite is modeled in
> RDF and individual tests are collected in manifests.  An example: one
> type if test is a syntax test (for testing a SPARQL query parser), so
> there is a syntax test manifest describing only those.  I have
> ManifestTestSuite and SyntaxTestCase classes that know how to read and
> run these.
> My question is about reusability.  These helpers could be used by
> anyone testing their SPARQL parser or engine.  Is there a common
> pattern for connecting reusable test classes to the objects under
> test?  My current code looks like this:
> syntax_suite = ManifestTestSuite()
> syntax_suite.configure(parser=parse_callable, failure_exception=ParseError)
> syntax_suite.add_from_manifest('dawg/data-r2/manifest-syntax.ttl')
> My `configure` method just sets `parser` and `failure_exception`
> attributes used by the tests.  These are the parts that could be
> replaced with anyone's SPARQL parser.  But is there an existing
> pattern for sending the objects under test to pre-built tests?
> Thanks!
> [1] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/tests/r2
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