[TIP] new test parametrization / deprecating "yield"

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Fri May 15 02:31:01 PDT 2009

Douglas Philips wrote:
> On 2009 May 14, at 3:55 PM, Michael Foord wrote:
>> I like the decorator syntax. I've updated my recipe to use it. :-)
>> http://code.google.com/p/unittest-ext/source/browse/trunk/params.py
> If I grok right, the metaclass will actually inject new synthetic test  
> methods into the class definition?

> I'm also not real clear on why the synthetic method (test, until it is  
> given a new .__name__ and stored in the class under a new name) cannot  
> just call 'item' instead of doing getattr (you'd still need to do the  
> closure hack of having an 'item=item' optional parameter the way you  
> do with name). But its late here and maybe I'm just not seeing  
> something obvious...

item is the unbound method. getattr returns the bound method. I guess it 
could call item(self, **args) but that code is actually unchanged from 
the previous version...


> -Doug
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