[TIP] Profiling deployed WSGI web apps

Brett Carter brett at rdnzl.net
Tue May 12 15:09:53 PDT 2009

Ben Bangert's dozer is pretty nice as well:

Note that running the python profiler will slow things down about 10x, 
so it's not recommended in a production environment.


Olemis Lang wrote:
> Please ... perhaps this is not related with writing functional tests
> and so on, but is undoubtedly related to testing web apps ... thereby
> IMHO is not OT to ask this here -CMIIW anyway- :
> Q: How could I use some kind of profiling to discover those parts of a
> deployed web app having poor performance in order to start further
> analyses to find the root causes -the later feature possibly not
> included- ? Is there any WSGI ( or Apache | mod_py-specific )
> middleware -filters or whatever- helping with that kind of analysis ?
> The tests should be done in a real scenary (... I mean a running
> server doing «real tasks» with tons of data and so on ...)
> Thanks in advance,

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