[TIP] JOB: Walt Disney Animation Studios seeking Quality Engineers

Paul Hildebrandt Paul.Hildebrandt at disneyanimation.com
Fri May 8 16:59:40 PDT 2009

My friends, please forgive me this spam.  I post here because it's my 
hope that someone on the list will find it very valuable.

We are seeking people with not just a Quality Assurance background but 
Quality Engineering.  We need people to work with software groups to 
define testing processes and develop automation frameworks to help test 
large amounts of evolving Python and C++ code.  We are interested in 
automation of unit, system/integration, and acceptance testing in a 
Linux environment. This is a good time to get involved as we are in the 
early stages of defining and building these testing frameworks, which 
will be used for our core technologies.

I hope our support of PyCon and past support of open source projects 
show that we don't expect your work to be locked away behind (really 
nice) corporate doors.   We have a desire and history of open source 

Some general information here: 

If anyone is interested in more information please contact me off list 
and I would be glad to give you more details.


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