[TIP] ANN: nose 0.11 is released

jason pellerin jpellerin at gmail.com
Wed May 6 18:26:54 PDT 2009

At long last... nose 0.11 has arrived. This is a major feature
release, which adds a number of new and useful plugins. A few bugs are
also fixed, and the documentation has been greatly improved by moving
to Sphinx and the basking in the editorial prowess of Pam Zerbinos.

Thanks to all who contributed patches, bug reports, documentation
updates, time, encouragement and patience. Special thanks to all of
the PyCon sprinters!

A brief summary of the new newness. With nose 0.11 you now can:

* parallelize your test runs with the --processes switch (note: except
on windows);
* output test results in the popular Xunit xml style;
* see logging messages logged during failing tests;
* loop over the last batch of failed tests with the --failed switch;
* easily collect tests in all modules;
* and easily just collect tests without running them

... and you can probably also use nose on IronPython without having to
patch anything.

Enjoy the new documentation here:


There you will also find download links and install instructions.


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