[TIP] Dingus screencast and source code

Douglas Philips dgou at mac.com
Tue Mar 31 23:21:17 PDT 2009

On or about 2009 Mar 31, at 10:25 PM, Gary Bernhardt indited:

> The Dingus source is at [2], and a slightly out-of-date version is
> easy_installable. You should install from from tip on bitbucket for
> now if you want to try it out. I'll try to get the next release out
> soon.

Nice screencast, and nice code, very tight and sweet. Thank you for  
releasing it.

> (For those who were at the testing BOF at PyCon: Yes, I really was
> typing that fast, although I slow down in this screencast. ;)

You scare me. What if you get a cramp in your hands? All that output  
you need to type will back up and your brain 'splodes. Very  
unhappyness. :)


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