[TIP] Looking for a decent issue tracking system

Yannick Gingras ygingras at ygingras.net
Thu Jun 18 08:10:55 PDT 2009

> > One alternative is for the tool to let the project
> > manager plan the iteration by hand but to warn him if he puts in more
> > stuff that can fit in the iteration given the current team velocity.
> Have you considered FogBugz?  It's not open source but I've heard it has
> a feature called "Evidence-Based Scheduling" which might fit the bill
> for the warning case above.
> http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2007/10/26.html
> http://www.fogcreek.com/Fogbugz/LearnMore.html?section=PredictShipDates

That feature looks very interesting and earing from it is part of what
motivated my search; I don't know about the rest of FogBugz though.

Can anyone who have tried it comment on the ease of use for both
planing and bugtracking?

Yannick Gingras
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