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When it comes to testing without the GUI, it may not be the role of the
testing framework to provide that.
Otherwise, if pyFit is not good enough in terms of debug, maybe FITPro is ?
Did you try that ? http://sourceforge.net/projects/fitpro/

I also have the impression that Robot and Fit differ in other areas. Robot
seems to be better at handling high-level reports
while Fit is more about testing that a certain of expected values are
correct (http://www.jamesshore.com/fit/introduction/progress.gif)

As far as I understand:
- Robot will take a number of scenarios, and for each of them, it will stop
at the first error/failure.
- The Fit concept is different: running a scenario that can contain a number
of failures (expected values that are not correct). Obviously, you can run a
number of scenarios too.

Please Robot and Fit guys correct me if I'm wrong.

2009/7/28 yoav glazner <yoavglazner at gmail.com>

> On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 12:10 AM, Laurent Ploix <laurent.ploix at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Could you explain what made you consider pyFit and Robot an "overhead
>> compare to the benefit" ? That may help people suggest other alternatives...
>> (and maybe consider building another framework if they agree)
>> laurent
> I'll start saying what are the benefits:
> * easy to read test that anyone can understand (better in pyFit less in
> Robot)
> * integration with Hudson (Continues Integration) - (good in PyFit , Robot
> and Nose...)
> * fancy reports on the tests (this is not that important to us)
> * Connecting between a text/table based Test Case and the real Code test.
> overhead:
> * When a test fails in Pyfit its not clear why. if it failed with exception
> then its very unreadable.
> * PyFit requires annoying metadata to be written on each table.
> * Robot does provide better failure analysis but doesn't provide the clear
> PyFit test case definition.
> * Mapping keywords in Robot is not hard but making the test-case look like
> a test case in Word requires a lot of keywords and work.
> none of the frameworks provided in kind of stub object to help testing
> without the GUI layer.
> Thanks,
> Yoav.
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Laurent Ploix

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