[TIP] oejskit + plain unittest Re: ANN: oejskit 0.8.5 JavaScript in-browser testing and utility kit with py.test plugin

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at openend.se
Tue Jul 28 10:13:12 PDT 2009

Samuele Pedroni wrote:
> Notice that in this latest incarnation of the infrastructure all the 
> entangling with py.test lives in the plugin,
> I expect the rest of the code to be reusable after possibly some tweaks 
> with other testing drivers getting more or less features depending on 
> the latter capabilities and the design of the integration, the tricky 
> bit of the exercise is probably going to be resource management and 
> how/where to get configuration from. I had some discussion at europython 
> about whether indeed reusing things with unittest would be possible.
> I would consider patches/addtions in those directions.
I have checked in myself some plain stdlib unittest + oejskit 
integration, an usage example that just repeats
some of the py.test scenarios is here:


the integration code is all in:


I don't use plain unittest much at all, so I don't know if this is 
idiomatic enough. Feedback and improvements are welcome. It basically 
defines a JavaScript specific suite that can be subclassed to add 
configuration info that would go in conftest in py.test, also as for 
py.test tests are run against all specified browser kinds, either given 
as a parameter to the suite or inferred from the js file name.


PS: I'm going to be mostly off-line until Monday

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