[TIP] 2.6.3 unittest change breaks nose

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Jul 5 07:49:46 PDT 2009

On Jul 4, 2009, at 4:29 PM, jason pellerin wrote:

> Though if I'm reading Barry's message right, the point is moot. If
> 2.6.3 goes out (has gone out?) with this change, then I'll have to put
> out new releases of nose 0.10 and 0.11.

Sorry, typo on my part.  Of course, I meant that we still have an  
opportunity to fix this for 2.6.3.

> Here's the bug report I filed: http://bugs.python.org/issue6418 -- let
> me know if it's not clear enough or if it can be improved otherwise.

The bug report makes sense.  Please bring this up on python-dev; it  
should be discussed in the wider audience.

>> To be honest I'd like to blow TestProgram away altogether and  
>> replace it
>> with a *sensible* set of functions.
> Sure, me too. But maybe not in a point release. :)


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