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Olemis Lang olemis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 08:25:57 PST 2009

2009/12/8 Raydel Miranda Gomez <rmiranda at uci.cu>:
> Saludos.
> Tengo el siguiente problema:
> Estoy tratando de correr un build en Hudson a partir de un comando remoto en
> la consola:

I am not very aware about the current terms of use of this list but so
far I see some bizarre things :

  - Hudson belongs to the Java world ...
  - and is Continuous Integration tool ...
  - ... and your problem is about proxy connection ...
  - ... and so coupled to Hudson internals that c no reference to
Python nor even tests
  - ... so the subject is out context even if you're testing Python code
  - your message is not in plain text (as it should , at least in my head ;o)
  - ... and is in spanish

IMO definitely the wrong list and (probably) the wrong habits . Don't
know if there's a similar list accepting spanish as the main language
(if u find one then pls let me know in private ;o)

/me will be ready to help you once Python gets into the scene


PS: Yo hablo español perfectamente pero debo respetar las normas de la
lista (excepto en la post-data ;o) . Si cada persona empieza a hablar
en su idioma entonces no tendríamos una lista sino el ante-proyecto de
una torre de Babel (hecha con Python ?). Sugerencia Google Translate,
wordtrans o cualquier otro traductor podrían ser útiles



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