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> It's pretty standard for testing documents to be in MS Word at my
> workplace. This includes both high-level documents that are primarily
> used by non-technical people and detailed test plans that are only
> used by engineers.
> So my company is the only one with the lame testing documents, weee!

> Occasionally a company will allow the engineers to do all the test
> plans on a Wiki, but I've only heard of that once.
> There are a couple of tools designed to be editable or readable both
> by technical and non-technical people. Like FIT/Fitnesse, but I'm not
> sure that would exactly meet your needs.
> I just posted why we are NOT using PyFit.

> There is actually an standard (IEEE 829
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_829) covering various types of
> artifacts to plan testing and report testing results. It tends to be
> *very* heavy weight though.
> (Forgot to send to list. Sorry for the spam Yoav)
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