[TIP] Handling exceptions while cleaning up in SuiteFixture Setup

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Mon Aug 31 13:02:16 PDT 2009

The general question here is 'how many outcomes is a test permitted to

We don't define it well enough to write correct TestResult objects from
the docstrings.

Currently, one can, without triggering assertions:
result.addError(foo, self._exc_info(Exception("whee")))

I'm still mulling on this; but I think knowing that a test is running is
valuable [activity vs description], being clearer on outcomes is
valuable too.

For now, you could:
 - addError
 - stopTest(test)
 - startTest(StubTestRepresentingSuite)
 - adderror(STRS, error)
 - stopTest(STRS)

The latter would be better I think, because it visible shows 'suite' vs
'last test in the suite'.

[Not to mention that Suite wide setup and teardown are a bad idea for
performance and isolation of tests, but thats a whole different troll]


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