[TIP] ANNOUNCE: Pandokia

Victoria G. Laidler laidler at stsci.edu
Tue Aug 18 13:28:14 PDT 2009

Hi folks,

Back at Pycon, I gave a lightning talk about Pandokia, our test 
management & reporting system, and we had a bit of discussion on this 
list afterwards. I'm happy to report that Mark & I have finally managed 
to get a release out the door, which you can read about and download at 
this page:


Pandokia is designed as a light-weight system for test management and 
reporting. It does not replace a test runner such as nose; instead, it 
provides additional functionality before (test discovery and customized 
environment) and after (notification, detecting missing tests, web-based 
reporting) tests are run. Its components are loosely coupled and it is 
language-agnostic, so that any test runner or reporting system that 
complies with the interface can participate in the system.

The current version provides a plugin for nose that generates compliant 
test reports; it also provides a test runner for tests that are 
implemented in shell scripts.

Pandokia uses an sqlite3 database to store test results, and provides a 
very basic web server for demo purposes. Some demo data is included in 
the release, which you can import into the database and get a feel for 
how the browsable reports work.

The documentation isn't pretty and is not entirely complete, but there 
should be enough to give you a flavor for the system and get you started 
using it.

Please take a look, give it a try if you think it would be useful, and 
let us know what you think. Discussion on this list is very welcome!

Vicki Laidler
Mark Sienkiewicz

ps - Also take a look at cyrano, available at the same URL. If you saw 
the "playerpiano" demo at pycon, cyrano is something like that but 
fuller-featured. I've used it for demos & gotten strong praise for it 
(though I didn't write it! - the author is Todd Miller, also here at STScI).

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