[TIP] does licensing of test tools matter?

Almad bugs at almad.net
Thu Aug 6 01:34:15 PDT 2009

On or about 2009 Aug 5, at 11:02 AM, holger krekel indited:
> "elsewhere" was in twitter-land where i mentioned that i am
> pondering GPL licensing for future projects/releases - mostly
> because i see it opening the possibility of getting licensing income.

Of course, license is fully up to You.

I only might add that I'm in similar situation to others: we're using test 
framework with BSD code and would not be happy to change the license.

Additionally, I brought testing with me to my work, if my tool would be 
GPL'ed, I would be forced to choose another (yup, as I was the only one 
testing, company would not pay for the tool :]]]).

My personal advice would be, if You'd like to monetize py.test, I'd add nice 
shiny graphs and perhaps bundle it with buildbot or something. That way it's 
easier for people to point on the graph and say "We want to buy this (it's 
like excel, but for us)".

OTOH, I don't see big "Donate" button on py.test homepage. I doubt it will be 
serious income, but I spend few bucks each month for oss projects I use/like 
and perhaps I'm not alone.

Still not using py.test, though, so perhaps my points are not valid.


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