[TIP] Ideology

Douglas Philips dgou at mac.com
Tue Apr 28 06:18:09 PDT 2009

On or about 2009 Apr 28, at 7:00 AM, Michael Foord indited:
> holger krekel wrote:
>> On a sidenote, i guess if i started to read the source code of
>> the linux kernel and firefox, i'd find tons of code i do not
>> need for my usage - does this warrant to go for building my own OS  
>> and web browser?
> I use unittest because it does 'enough', and none of the extras  
> provided by nose or py.test are compelling enough to make me want to  
> jump ship (yet...).

Precisely. And, worse, doesn't add (last I checked) any of the  
capabilities I needed and have already extended unittest to do (and  
those extensions were in the spirit of the original, I did not have to  
do great violence to unittest to add the extensions. Oh, I wanted to  
do great violence to unittest in general to clean it up, but that was  
to the implementation, not the interface. :) ).

> The fact that they provide stuff I will never use (every large  
> framework has that) is not a reason why I don't use them.

Maybe. Its all about ROI and learning curves. When ROI is (or is  
perceived to be) 0, then that is reason enough. :)


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